Welcome to my blog 💁🏾

Hi beautiful people! 

My name is Chevel and I currently live in London. I just recently went back to being natural after 13 years of having my hair permed! 😱 Boy o boy was this a difficult decision to make.

 Anyone who knows me, they will know how much I enjoy writing. I believe I express myself better through writing. To be honest I personally didn’t want to start a blog because in my mind I was like “there is so many blogs out there doing this, I don’t know much about hair, I just went back to being natural so what on earth am I even going to say, will anyone even read my blog?” and so many more thoughts. I literally had to push past those thought and just go for it! 

A part of the reason I decided to share my journey is, before I decided to go back to my natural hair I read loads of blogs and watched loads of YouTube channels. I was looking for some sort of help with making my decision lol. A lot of what I read and watched encouraged me to make this big step and I just what to share my journey with others. I am sure there are many women out there who have thought about the idea of going back to their natural hair but didn’t have the support or a clue what to do once they went natural (that was me 🙈). I believe the more real life experiences you come across (good and bad)from others, the easier some things become for you and the more help you will get. 

I know what may work for me may not work for you but I am willing to try different things to see what works and what doesn’t. I have already been trying a few things (3 weeks in) and I can already see what is working for my hair and what isn’t. 

I would love to share my journey not only to length but also healthier hair. I can’t wait to experience new styles and become more creative with my hair! 

Watch out for the next blog talking about my big chop!!!😱


4 thoughts on “Welcome to my blog 💁🏾

  1. Hi Chev. I love your blog and instagram and look forward to seeing new posts. I can relate and it’s nice to come across someone from UK doing one as you can actually go into the hair shop and get a products that you may have blogged about to try and test yourself.

    I did the big chop myself in September 2016 after constantly relaxing my hair and cutting as it was a short style. I’ll be honest I don’t embrace my natural hair as much. This is down to laziness and plus I went down the easy route by making my own wigs and wearing them.

    Now I have come across yours it has motivated and inspired me to actually start doing so.

    Keep it up girl!


    1. Hi Char

      You have made my day with your comment 😊 Thankyou so much for taking the time to visit my blog. So happy to hear that I am in some way encouraging you to embrace your natural hair. Am literally just sharing as I go along and trying to help others to embrace our hair no matter the texture etc. Please let me know your Instagram so I can follow you too. Xx


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