Natural Hair


Hi everyone😊👋🏽
If it’s your first time on my blog, your are very welcome. I hope you enjoy this journey with me. 

I never intended to go back to my natural hair at all. In my mind it just seemed like it was too much work and I wouldn’t have a clue what to do with it. My mind slowly began to change seeing pictures and videos of people on social media. 

My hair before the big chop.

The beginning of 2016 I thought I wanted to transition, which I was doing for about 5 months. Then it came up to my birthday and I wanted a sew in so that transition went out the window for a weave🙈.

In my head I still wanted to go natural so I was relaxing my hair less and less. I was the type of person to relax my hair as soon as I saw regrowth. I didn’t like having to deal with the two textures at all. 👎🏽
So as time went on I still had it in me that I wanted to go back to being natural. I was watching more and more videos on YouTube and reading more blogs on it. I always had in the back of my mind though that if I was to go completely natural I would have to do the big chop. It didn’t seem that scary for me as I have had short hair for many years but never natural short hair. 
My hair when it was relaxed and short a few years ago. 

The week I decided to do my big chop, I was watching so many videos trying to figure out how I will style my hair, what products would make it look good etc. I didn’t just want to cut it and not know what to do. The day finally came when I got my friend to cut off all my relaxed ends. I was already trying to transition for 2 months but I just couldn’t handle the two textures anymore. I had very mixed emotions. I saw all my hair being dropped next to me and it hit me that I can’t take this hair and attached it back to my head lol. 
It looked like this because my hair was starting to become damaged.  It had to be wet before my friend cut it to differentiate between the relaxed and natural texture. My hair was also dyed.

When it was all gone I looked in the mirror and to be honest I wasn’t very excited. In my head I was just like “WHAT DID I DO?” 😒

After the big chop!

Keep an eye out for my next post on the first few days being completely natural and why I nearly cried😢


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