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Natural hair and working in the corporate world🤔👩🏽‍💻

Hi everyone,This is something I was a bit hesitant to speak about but I do think a lot people may feel the same way or have felt the same way when thinking about going natural. Going back to natural hair is actually a very big decision and it comes with a lot of doubts, fears, question marks etc and where you work plays a part.

I work in the corporate world and that played a BIG part on my decision. We all know that in the corporate world there is a certain standard so to speak of how you should present yourself. You cannot turn up to work in jeans and trainers; it’s all about suits, jackets, formal dresses etc. Hair can also play a big part in completing the corporate look.

As I mentioned in my previous post, it was so easy for me to pack my hair back in a bun and go about my day. For me this was simple and made me look the part. Going from this to a TWA (teenie weenie afro) was going to be a major difference for me. It was no longer going to be the slick bun but a small curly afro.

I wasn’t sure how colleagues would react and that kind of scared me because they were so used to seeing me with straight hair. In my mind I felt like my hair wouldn’t be suitable for the job that I do. Thinking about it, it sounds so silly now because my hair shouldn’t define how I do my job. I am still the same person that got hired all those months ago; it’s just that my hair is a bit different now.

I am generally a person who likes to look presentable whether I am at work or not. My hair is a big thing for me. I always try to keep it looking good, short or long. It’s not because I cut my hair and its growing out in its natural state that I will not take care of it and leave it anyhow. I must admit it takes extra work and natural hair tends to do its own thing at times (if you know you know lol). You may smooth out your edges and by half way through your day those edges have rebelled back into the curls.

I have read articles and stories on people who were hesitant to go back to their natural hair because of where they work. As I said this was a big question mark for me also but I just went for it. I had to push past that thought and do this for me. We all know relaxers are full of chemicals and can do a lot of damage as time goes on. If you decide that you want to stop all that for your health or whatever reason, where you work shouldn’t have such a big effect. That’s my personal opinion. It had an effect on me due to what people would think and if it was acceptable in the environment I worked in. (I have nothing against relaxers by the way!).

What may look good to you may not look good to others and that also comes down to doing things for you and not so much for people. Styling short natural hair can very frustrating and difficult especially according to the environment you are in on a daily basis. I say this because we tend to do our hair differently when we go out, work, interview etc. It was very difficult in the beginning but I played around with my hair a few days and I have been finding out what works for me and my ‘’work look.’’

This is a very wide topic but I don’t want to go into it too much, I am not an expert. I am simply putting out my personal thoughts and experiences along this journey. What you choose to do with your hair I think should be totally up to you but I know different factors can affect your decisions. My confidence with my natural hair is growing daily. I do get a lot more looks from people though, not sure if it’s good or bad lol but am enjoying the process so it doesn’t bother me.

Sorry for the long post…hope you enjoyed the read, please feel free to leave your comment and share with others…until next time!💁🏾

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2 thoughts on “Natural hair and working in the corporate world🤔👩🏽‍💻

  1. Love it I can really relate, I didn’t feel too confident at first as I also work in the corporate world as well but overcame it and didn’t care anymore.

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