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Hair dye disaster🤦🏽‍♀️

Hi everyone
So, I love love love having my hair brown. It’s like a signature colour for me if you can say that. I was dying my hair brown for many years, I just love it. When I cut my hair I always knew I will make sure I have my hair brown again.

I was trying not to put any chemicals that could harm my hair so I researched and asked around what I could do to dye my hair brown again. I was told henna was a really good natural hair dye. I went on YouTube to check it out. I watched videos of other natural hair ladies dying their hair with henna and I thought ok, ‘am going to give it a try’.

I didn’t know specifically what henna dye to buy so I asked someone in the shop which one was best. I was excited to get my brown hair back. I followed the instructions on the box and went ahead to dye my hair brown. I kept it in for about 2hours as this was what the box said. When I finally washed it out my hair was jet BLACK! Bearing in mind the henna was meant to be a light brown hair dye.😒

I left it at that for a few days. I was very disappointed; I wanted my brown hair back. Being the person I am I wanted to try again lol. I went to the shop again and got a different brand but same light brown colour henna. This time I think I even left the dye in longer than I did previously. I washed out the henna and again my hair looked jet BLACK. In my mind I was like what on earth is this. The box was selling me dreams about making my hair brown.😩

I decided to dye my hair again but with my usual chemical based dye. I bought my normal sun kissed brown colour. I was so excited because finally I was going to have my brown hair, using something I was sure would make my hair the colour I wanted. I did my usual with this dye and when I washed it out, again my hair remained black. The roots however looked a little bit brown. Again I was left disappointed but still determined to have my brown hair.

I went on to do my research as to why my hair won’t turn the brown colour I wanted. I think the henna needed to be removed from my hair before I could see the effects of the chemical dye. I checked if I could dye my hair with a chemical dye after using henna. It wasn’t advised but again I went and bought another sun kissed brown hair dye. This time I left it in for longer than usual but when I washed it out, my roots were very much brown but my ends black.

I decided this must stop, so I have been giving the dye a break. Thankfully it hasn’t damaged my hair. Having dyed my hair 4 times, twice with henna and twice with dark and lovely hair dye, my desired light brown hair is still pending lol. I most defiantly still want my hair all brown but for now, I have to deal with the brown roots and black ends. (The brown is not noticeable only if I make a parting)

Until next time….Dont forget to check out my previous post, have a lovely day! 

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4 thoughts on “Hair dye disaster🤦🏽‍♀️

  1. Wow that is so strange that none of them worked!
    Hopefully when you do give it another try, it will work.

    Mich x


  2. Wow you were super determined lol… I hope you can eventually get the hair color you want.. I haven’t dyed my hair since I had a relaxer and was in high school and well that was kind of a horror story lol.. I’m considering dying my hair a little lighter, I’ll definitely do some research on Henna… As always thanks for posting ☺


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