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Protecting My Hair…..Braids 

So I decided to get my hair done in braids. I am so not a braids or weave person at all. My friends tend to tell me off a lot when I do my hair and the next week or two they see it out again. I even had one say to me ‘Chev I know you, that hair will be out next week or the week after.’ I had to laugh because that’s how I am with hair. This time however, I am going to push myself not to take it out quickly.
I chose to do braids because I was getting a little bit bored with my hair and also to help the growth process. As my hair is natural and it’s a TWA (teenie weenie afro) I can’t do much and I like to change my hair up from time to time. One of the reasons for cutting my hair and going natural was to get healthier and longer hair. I wanted to take care of my hair much better than I did before.

As I go along, I like to ask questions and research about how to better care for my hair and what helps. One of the things that I found out is that natural hair ends have to be protected. The ends tend to be damaged easily so it’s good to keep them away for a little while. Protective styling is not necessarily braids but I chose braids because I like how it looks and I can easily wake up in the morning and not have to struggle with what to do with my hair. I know that when my hair grows I won’t be putting braids in much. I will work with other protective styles.
I choose not to keep my hair in for too long so that it can get the right moisture and just breathe. I have seen women keep their braids in for very long and it’s caused a lot of damage. I have also seen them keep it in and it’s helped their hair to grow. I just think it all depends on the person and what is good for their hair. I personally don’t keep hair in for a long time because to be honest I feel 100% more confident with my actual hair out.

When I did my hair it was extremely tight, that’s another reason I don’t like to put braids or weave. I think I have very sensitive scalp and I just can’t handle the pain lool. However a friend of mine introduced something that helped to ease the pain. She rubbed Vicks on my scalp and instantly I started to feel the relief. Just a little tip for you guys. I also heard apple cider vinegar is really good for scalp and I have very itchy scalp so I will be trying this out to see if it works.

Hopefully I can share the results of this protective style with you guys soon. Until next time……don’t forget to share, like and comment!


3 thoughts on “Protecting My Hair…..Braids 

  1. Another way to protective style is crochet braids, i love them. Whenever I want to ‘put my hair away’, or so to speak, that’s my go to. I prefer it as it does less damage to my hair and I definitely don’t have tightness of hair. I’d love to see you try crochet braids and let us know how you find them, if they are better than box braids for you personally??

    I will be trying the apple cider vinegar and let you know!


  2. I love this style on you. My hair is too short to do braids at the moment and I really miss them because they ate my signature style. I’ve never tried Vicks on the scalp though. I just used to cream it a lot and then my mum-in-law gave me a braid spray that stops the itching. It worked a treat because it has peppermint as one of the ingredients and anything with menthol stops the irritation.

    Mich x


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