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Almond Oil

Hello beautiful people…..

So a few weeks ago a friend of mine felt my hair. She mentioned how dry it was and I totally agreed with her. It didn’t matter what I put in it, it always seemed to get dry very easily. She suggested I used almond oil.

Immediately I decided to buy a bottle. I wasn’t sure what it would do to my hair but I was willing to try it because I didn’t want my hair looking dry anymore. I must say I love almond oil. Not only as it helped to keep my hair moist and shiny, I can also see the growth.

I decided to check out the benefits of almond oil for hair and this is what I found…..

• It works as a protector

• It makes your hair look shiny

• Its seals in moisture

• It strengthens the hair

These are the things I have read in regards to almond oil and I absolutely adore this oil so much and would definitely recommend.

This is the one that I use. Feel free to try and share how your experience.

Until next time 😊😘

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5 thoughts on “Almond Oil

  1. I love almond oil! I also do an olive oil drench every 2 weeks to keep my hair from being dry. I drench my hair in olive oil, and let it sit for 1 hour while I have a shower cap on. Then I wash my hair and condition it. I love how it makes my hair feel!

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