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Can’t Believe I Wore A Wig! 

Hello again… 

It was my birthday in June and I decided I wanted to do something to my hair other than keeping it out in a little afro. As I have mentioned multiples times I don’t really like weave but I still wanted to do something with weave (weird, I know). A friend of mine suggested I made a wig.

I’ve always grown up thinking that wig is for old people👵🏽. I grew up only seeing mature women wearing wigs so I never in a million years thought I would be wearing one in my 20s ahaha. She mentioned that it was so much easier, I could whip it off when I got home and when I woke up I could just put it back on. I found this very funny because I am very funny about hair that isn’t really mine.

I decided to make a wig as I didn’t want to straighten my hair and do a weave. A friend of mine who is a hair dresser made my wig and I loved it. I asked her to add a bit if blond to the ends and she did a great job. Check her out on insta @r.dhairstudio.

When I put the wig on I thought I would feel a bit funny but it just felt like I had weave. It was very secure; I was worried it would fly off my head easily lol. 🙊I thought having a wig would make my scalp less itchy, how wrong was I? I found myself patting my head on a regular basis and easing up the wig to itch my scalp. 

Side note: I’ve come to the conclusion that I am allergic to weave lol.

 When I did take the wig off when I got home I would make sure I oiled my scalp as I saw that having it on all day made my scalp really dry. That’s a very important fact I found wearing my wig.

I didn’t want to keep it straight so I decided to curl the ends and I instantly fell in love. That love didn’t last long as I only kept the wig on for a week and I was back to my TWA! The greatest thing about a wig is I can put it on whenever I want so I didn’t waste money. I don’t think I will be wearing it much though.

P.S jumpsuit is from Asos 

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2 thoughts on “Can’t Believe I Wore A Wig! 

  1. I think the wig looks gorgeous on you. Haha I never thought I would wear a wig either but circumstances have forced me to, and I find that my scalp gets dry at the end of the day so I’m always taking care of it at the start and end of the day.
    I really loved your birthday outfit. Yellow really complements your skin tone.

    Mich x

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