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How I Get My Curls Popping! 

I love to see my curls defined as many women with natural hair probably do. My hair is growing it’s more difficult to figure out what to do with it. I had work last Saturday and I didn’t know what to do so I decided to just go with defining my curls as I know in the morning it wouldn’t take that long.The only thing I used for this was my best friend ecostyler and water. Yes, only that. The water I believe just made it easier and help to bring my curls out.

There is not much to achieving defined curls. All you do is…..

• Apply water over all your hair

• Get a bit of ecostyler on your hands

• Run your fingers through your hair a few times section by section

• Repeat until all your hair is done

This is literally what I do to get my curls popping. Simple….. Right? If you try this please do share and let me know how it went. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t come out how you may have imagined it; just remember your hair is not the next persons. Learn your hair and work with it. Its not everything I try with my hair that turns out the way I want or that even works for me.

Below are a few pictures of my little fro and my defined curls.

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My TWA went into a bun! 

Hi everyone 

Hope you are all having an amazing Tuesday!

I am a person who likes to change up my hair and see what I can do with it. I wanted something a little different other than the usual leave out.

I decided to watch some YouTube videos to see what you could do with short natural hair and I found the most perfect simple hairstyle. This lady I watched on YouTube has the most gifted hands because her hair is very short and he managed to do a bun hairstyle! I literally couldn’t believe she did it and she did it so well.

I had my little reservations as to whether this style would work on my hair but I am sure my hair is a little longer than hers so I decided to give it a go. I honestly did not struggle at all with this style. My best friend ecostyler gel did the job perfectly.

The above photo is the finished product and below are the steps I took. I also used some expression hair to achieve the high bun. Thankyou for reading, don’t forget to share like and comment. 
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Can’t Believe I Wore A Wig! 

Hello again… 

It was my birthday in June and I decided I wanted to do something to my hair other than keeping it out in a little afro. As I have mentioned multiples times I don’t really like weave but I still wanted to do something with weave (weird, I know). A friend of mine suggested I made a wig.

I’ve always grown up thinking that wig is for old people👵🏽. I grew up only seeing mature women wearing wigs so I never in a million years thought I would be wearing one in my 20s ahaha. She mentioned that it was so much easier, I could whip it off when I got home and when I woke up I could just put it back on. I found this very funny because I am very funny about hair that isn’t really mine.

I decided to make a wig as I didn’t want to straighten my hair and do a weave. A friend of mine who is a hair dresser made my wig and I loved it. I asked her to add a bit if blond to the ends and she did a great job. Check her out on insta @r.dhairstudio.

When I put the wig on I thought I would feel a bit funny but it just felt like I had weave. It was very secure; I was worried it would fly off my head easily lol. 🙊I thought having a wig would make my scalp less itchy, how wrong was I? I found myself patting my head on a regular basis and easing up the wig to itch my scalp. 

Side note: I’ve come to the conclusion that I am allergic to weave lol.

 When I did take the wig off when I got home I would make sure I oiled my scalp as I saw that having it on all day made my scalp really dry. That’s a very important fact I found wearing my wig.

I didn’t want to keep it straight so I decided to curl the ends and I instantly fell in love. That love didn’t last long as I only kept the wig on for a week and I was back to my TWA! The greatest thing about a wig is I can put it on whenever I want so I didn’t waste money. I don’t think I will be wearing it much though.

P.S jumpsuit is from Asos 

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Almond Oil

Hello beautiful people…..

So a few weeks ago a friend of mine felt my hair. She mentioned how dry it was and I totally agreed with her. It didn’t matter what I put in it, it always seemed to get dry very easily. She suggested I used almond oil.

Immediately I decided to buy a bottle. I wasn’t sure what it would do to my hair but I was willing to try it because I didn’t want my hair looking dry anymore. I must say I love almond oil. Not only as it helped to keep my hair moist and shiny, I can also see the growth.

I decided to check out the benefits of almond oil for hair and this is what I found…..

• It works as a protector

• It makes your hair look shiny

• Its seals in moisture

• It strengthens the hair

These are the things I have read in regards to almond oil and I absolutely adore this oil so much and would definitely recommend.

This is the one that I use. Feel free to try and share how your experience.

Until next time 😊😘

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Hair Growth Update😊

Hey everyone…..

I haven’t posted in a while…again🙈. Recently I’ve been covering my hair a lot with extensions and now I made a wig and have been wearing that. (It will be off soon) lol. 

A few weeks  ago I was looking back at some old pictures and I noticed the growth since I cut my hair. I am extremely happy with how my hair is growing and it’s not as thick as I thought it would be. 

A lot of people around me always say ‘Chevel, your hair is growing so quickly, what do you do?’ To be totally honest, I don’t do much at all. I have noticed that my hair does grow even if I don’t pay that much attention to it. The main products I use are olive oil, and argon oil. I used to use olive oil when my hair was relaxed and I noticed it helped the growth and now that I am using it on my natural hair I can still see the growth. 

Check out some pics below to see how my journey is going so far (this was my 3 month growth). I can’t wait for it to grow even more!!😁

Until next time 😘

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Afro Hair And Beauty Show 

Hello beautiful people, 

It has been a while since I have posted but I wanted to share my experience at the Afro hair and beauty show. I had the opportunity to win some tickets to attend this show and I was so very happy and grateful for all those who helped me to win.

I originally wanted to go to the show but I wasn’t sure. I saw the opportunity to win some tickets so I decided to go for it and WON! Whoohoo. I attended the show last year and found it interesting so I wanted to see what it was like this year.

I love the fact that so many people are pushing to have their own business in something that they love and are passionate about. As soon as I walked in, there were many different stalls selling African accessories, dresses, materials etc. There is something about African materials that I just love! I had a quick look around and went straight upstairs to where the hair and beauty show was taking place.

The crowd was a bit much for me as in some areas I could hardly squeeze past the many people that were crowding around stalls trying to get their products. One of the things that really stood out for me in the show was the fact that these people decided to gain the knowledge needed in regards to natural hair and made a business out of it. I stood around one stall and this guy was demonstrating his products on someone’s natural hair. I even went to one of his private talks straight after. One thing that I noticed is that the only way we can really take care of our natural hair is if we gain knowledge and find what really works for us. I have been stressing this since I went back to my natural state hair.

A lot of people stress that they can’t go natural because they wouldn’t know what to do and it won’t look nice etc, but to be honest, all we need to do is learn what works for our hair. That was the main thing I took from the show.

I also love the fact that many people saw an opportunity in the Afro hair and beauty world and decided to take that opportunity and make it into a business. What don’t work for you can work for someone else so I believe there is definitely enough room for everyone to shine!

I really enjoyed my day at the show and to top it off I walked away with a few freebies….check out some of the pictures below. Until next time.😘