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Afro Hair And Beauty Show 

Hello beautiful people, 

It has been a while since I have posted but I wanted to share my experience at the Afro hair and beauty show. I had the opportunity to win some tickets to attend this show and I was so very happy and grateful for all those who helped me to win.

I originally wanted to go to the show but I wasn’t sure. I saw the opportunity to win some tickets so I decided to go for it and WON! Whoohoo. I attended the show last year and found it interesting so I wanted to see what it was like this year.

I love the fact that so many people are pushing to have their own business in something that they love and are passionate about. As soon as I walked in, there were many different stalls selling African accessories, dresses, materials etc. There is something about African materials that I just love! I had a quick look around and went straight upstairs to where the hair and beauty show was taking place.

The crowd was a bit much for me as in some areas I could hardly squeeze past the many people that were crowding around stalls trying to get their products. One of the things that really stood out for me in the show was the fact that these people decided to gain the knowledge needed in regards to natural hair and made a business out of it. I stood around one stall and this guy was demonstrating his products on someone’s natural hair. I even went to one of his private talks straight after. One thing that I noticed is that the only way we can really take care of our natural hair is if we gain knowledge and find what really works for us. I have been stressing this since I went back to my natural state hair.

A lot of people stress that they can’t go natural because they wouldn’t know what to do and it won’t look nice etc, but to be honest, all we need to do is learn what works for our hair. That was the main thing I took from the show.

I also love the fact that many people saw an opportunity in the Afro hair and beauty world and decided to take that opportunity and make it into a business. What don’t work for you can work for someone else so I believe there is definitely enough room for everyone to shine!

I really enjoyed my day at the show and to top it off I walked away with a few freebies….check out some of the pictures below. Until next time.😘

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Why doesn’t my natural hair look like hers? Part2 

This is such a big topic I had to do a part two. A lot of people I believe don’t go natural because they have in mind ‘what it should look like.’ They look at the girls on Instagram, watch all the YouTube channels and think ‘o my gosh, I want my hair like that.’ Sorry to disappoint you but we are all uniquely made so we can never look like so and so or have so and so’s hair. I love to see women embracing what they have and not trying to compare themselves to anyone else! This is so damaging, hence why many people want to change how they look.

I decided to ask a few of my friends who are natural their pros and cons with their natural hair and here are their opinions…..

Embracing my natural hair has definitely taught me a lot about self love. It helped me to think deeper about why I choose certain looks and if it was purely out what I liked or based on what others considered “beautiful”. I find that it is also healthier for my hair long term, every few years I would experience hair loss which I wasn’t able to tackle until I embraced my natural hair, now I know how to deal with it in the correct way instead of overlooking the root of what triggers it and how to regrow my hair. 

Negatives, hmmm when I feel lazy and my hair actually does not cooperate at all so I just have to do a wash and go in the end. Another personal negative is when I get stressed and my hair starts breaking as a sign of me needing to rest; can be annoying as I know not everyone’s body reacts the same way and it means putting my hair away for a while to stop the breakage. 

Comparing my 4c hair to others. I think in the beginning it’s hard because certain textures are considered more because the curl patterns are looser and easier to managed but I wouldn’t change mine for anything. My curl pattern changes each time I cut my hair so I have learnt to embrace what I have.


I love the fact of  less use of harmful chemicals and just allowing my hair to be. 

I don’t like sometimes that I never know what to do with my hair. 


Biggest struggle was getting used to my new texture and new length as I was very used to my long straight relaxed hair. I would see other girls with looser curls and would try to manipulate my curls with different products then came to realise I had to embrace my own texture and love it. I love the fact that my hair is thick and it has body, my hair type allows me to do a lot of versatile styles and I have the option to wear my hair short or long.

My struggle sometimes is plaiting my hair every night, I find this difficult to do as I’m often tired so I end up plaiting it twice a week then just make do with the shrinkage for the other days. 

My hair is sooo versatile, I love all the hairstyles I can do. I actually love the fact that it has a mind of its own sometimes lol. I love my curl pattern when it’s wet, it’s soo cute. I love the fact that someone can look at it and think it’s short, then when I stretch it, it’s like 😱😱😱!! I love the lazy hairstyles I can do when I just can’t be bothered and it still looks good. And I love the fact that practically anything I do with my hair is a hairstyle lool


Aside from feeling totally empowered about embracing everything about myself. I really love the fact when I walk on street and see another natural “sister ” and its like you have this connection just through your hair. Our generation will pass on something different for children that they can be themselves and not be afraid about it😊

The hardest thing about natural hair is wash day, I hate that it takes me a whole day😒

As you can see all these beautiful ladies have totally different hair texture and it’s not everything they like about  returning natural. One thing though is that they recognise that they are different and they are embracing it along the journey. 

If you are still struggling with this learn from theses ladies who have come to love their hair and are learning to work with what they have. 

Until next time….don’t be afraid to leave your comment and share share share💁🏾

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Protecting My Hair…..Braids 

So I decided to get my hair done in braids. I am so not a braids or weave person at all. My friends tend to tell me off a lot when I do my hair and the next week or two they see it out again. I even had one say to me ‘Chev I know you, that hair will be out next week or the week after.’ I had to laugh because that’s how I am with hair. This time however, I am going to push myself not to take it out quickly.
I chose to do braids because I was getting a little bit bored with my hair and also to help the growth process. As my hair is natural and it’s a TWA (teenie weenie afro) I can’t do much and I like to change my hair up from time to time. One of the reasons for cutting my hair and going natural was to get healthier and longer hair. I wanted to take care of my hair much better than I did before.

As I go along, I like to ask questions and research about how to better care for my hair and what helps. One of the things that I found out is that natural hair ends have to be protected. The ends tend to be damaged easily so it’s good to keep them away for a little while. Protective styling is not necessarily braids but I chose braids because I like how it looks and I can easily wake up in the morning and not have to struggle with what to do with my hair. I know that when my hair grows I won’t be putting braids in much. I will work with other protective styles.
I choose not to keep my hair in for too long so that it can get the right moisture and just breathe. I have seen women keep their braids in for very long and it’s caused a lot of damage. I have also seen them keep it in and it’s helped their hair to grow. I just think it all depends on the person and what is good for their hair. I personally don’t keep hair in for a long time because to be honest I feel 100% more confident with my actual hair out.

When I did my hair it was extremely tight, that’s another reason I don’t like to put braids or weave. I think I have very sensitive scalp and I just can’t handle the pain lool. However a friend of mine introduced something that helped to ease the pain. She rubbed Vicks on my scalp and instantly I started to feel the relief. Just a little tip for you guys. I also heard apple cider vinegar is really good for scalp and I have very itchy scalp so I will be trying this out to see if it works.

Hopefully I can share the results of this protective style with you guys soon. Until next time……don’t forget to share, like and comment!

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Patience Patience Patience! 

Are you thinking about going natural or in the process of transition? Did you do the big chop? Are you thinking ‘why is my hair not growing’?Patience, patience, patience. I have a habit of playing with my hair and length checking every single day lol. I mean every single day!

We all know that natural hair does some pretty amazing things. You may look at someone’s natural hair and think its short, I dare you to go and pull a few strands. You will be pleasantly surprised. That’s part of the beauty about our hair; it’s so versatile and does some things we just don’t understand sometimes.

It’s been 7 weeks since I did the big chop. Have I seen growth? Sure I have but you probably won’t be able to tell. This little fro does hide and seek (lol). Sometimes I see the growth and sometimes I think ‘is my hair even moving.’ That’s where I’ve been learning to be patient. I notice that am the kind of person that when I want something or if I make a decision to do something but really make a decision, I just don’t want to wait, I act straight away. That can be very dangerous btw because I have done things without thinking properly.

Hair doesn’t grow over night. It takes a lot of care and time for it to grow. We hear a lot that black natural hair doesn’t grow but that’s not true because I’ve seen many natural hair women with beautiful long hair. It’s just all about how we take care of it. Sometimes it’s to do with a person’s gene but I also believe how we take care of our hair plays a part.

I know many people may be thinking they don’t want to go natural because their hair won’t grow or it will take too long. Well, that’s a part of life, some things take longer than others but it’s how bad you want it that will determine if you will stick to what it is you set out to do in the first place. That’s the thing, when you do things for you and not for everyone else you don’t lose that focus no matter how long it takes.

We can be very impatient human beings. We want something and we want it now. If we think we can’t get it now then we change our minds or try to find an easier route. I encourage anyone thinking about going natural to learn patience. As I said before our hair is amazing at doing things we don’t necessarily understand or would like it to do but that’s a part of the journey and learning about your hair. I personally cannot wait to have my hair at the length I desire to have, I guess that’s why I do length checks everyday lol.

Not having patience with your hair can make you go back to relaxers or do things that may even damage your hair. Think about the goals you set out for your hair and continue to learn to care for it knowing that it takes time to get to where you want it to be.

This also taught me that in anything to do with life we have to have patience otherwise we will end up doing things we regret or even missing out on something great in the long run.

This is the progress in the space of a month (hair not stretched). 

 Until next time guys…..thank you for taking the time to read, please don’t forget to like, share and comment. I love to hear from you guys.

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Why doesn’t my natural hair look like hers?😫

If you ever find yourself having this thought, the plain truth is your hair will never look like hers because you are not her. If you are thinking about going natural and you have this kind of mentality, its best not to because you may be disappointed.
I think there is a big thing on wanting your natural hair to look like so and so’s. The dream of having those cute curls, that big curly fro and being able to slick down your edges and it actually staying down lol. I am actually sitting here typing and laughing because I have been very guilty of this and I have come across others who have thought the same.

Instagram is full of natural hair ladies and they all have different texture hair. One thing that I have noticed though is that many pictures (not all) with ladies with the nice slick curly hair gets more attention. That’s just the honest truth. I find myself liking those pictures more often too. I believe it’s because of what we have grown to believe is beautiful. I am coming to realise that every hair is beautiful in its own way but a big problem I have seen with natural hair ladies sometimes is that they do not know how to take care of it. I think it’s all about learning from others and finding out what works for you.

There is a whole thing on what type of natural hair you have, 4c, 4b, 3c, 3b etc. I actually haven’t looked into this much because I don’t really put myself in that hair category. For me it doesn’t make a difference. I am just learning about my hair and what it likes and what it doesn’t. I have already found out that coconut oil doesn’t take well to my hair so I am continuing to try new products to see what works and what doesn’t.

We all have different hair and that is something we all need to have in mind especially if you are thinking about going natural. You can’t decide to go natural and expect your hair to look a certain way, it don’t work like that. I didn’t know how my hair was going to look when I decided to do the big chop and I was scared it wouldn’t look the way I may have imagined but I had to learn my hair won’t look like the pictures I may like on Instagram, but that’s ok, I can still work with my texture. As I said finding the right products is a must because this is helping me.

The moment we start to compare our hair etc is when we start to have those little complexes and may even start to look at ourselves as not beautiful. What you think about yourself shouldn’t come from the opinion of others or comparing how you look to someone else. I said it before and I will say it again ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.’

Let’s stop comparing our hair to this person and that person and start to embrace what we have. I love how unique our natural hair can be. Your texture is just as beautiful as the other persons and don’t let no one tell you otherwise!

These are  a few pictures of my hair. To be honest I am very shocked that my hair looks like this! I didn’t expect it to look the way it does. Please bare in mind it looks like this because I do use products. Without my ecostyler gel it’s doesn’t look like this but it doesn’t mean I love my hair any less😊
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